Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eight Months? Really? Where does the time go?

Right out the window, that's where.

When I started out on the blogging highway, I had every intention of becoming one of those wonderful bloggers people talk about - "Did you read Rana's blog today?  Wasn't it super insightful and fun?" - "Why yes, I did!  Have you read the book she's blogging about?"

Jeez Louise, I can't believe I haven't blogged in eight months!  So sorry, blog family!  FAIL.  FAILING.  FAILURE.

Of course, at that time, I was on a completely different adventure with a completely different schedule - the adventure of being unemployed.  Oh how I loved that time.  TIME.  Time to do a daily devotional.  Time to work out at least once, and sometimes, TWICE A DAY!  Time to buy groceries and cook and do laundry every day and make my bed every morning.

(Oh yeah, and time to stress about not having a job, but whatev.)

And time to blog.

Well, as you were informed in September, I accepted a new job and that just threw a stick in my happy, "I've got plenty of time bicycle spoke."  DANG!

I do enjoy my job.  Really, I do.  I'm thankful to be employed.  But I hate that it's eating at my time.  Time away from my husband, my doggies, my home.  It seems like I've been working so, so, so much lately, and I can't seem to get ahead.  My job is an endless to-do list, with no break in sight.

But really, I don't want to sound like a brat who just doesn't want to work an 8 to 5'er.  Allow me to reiterate: I am very thankful for my job.  I'm simply going through a tough time of long hours and stress and want to vent a little.  I'll get over it.

On another note, I've also picked up a new hobby, passion since we last spoke.  And that, my friends, is the art of sewing.  Yep, that's right - sewing.  On a sewing machine.  On a 1975 Bernina, to be exact.  And I have noone but my wonderful mama to thank for that.  This passion has inspired ba-jillions of ideas and gifts for my friends and their babies, spurred the creation of an Etsy shop (coming soon - almost done!), and even took over a bedroom in my house for my "Creative Suite."  I love it, I tell ya.  LOVE IT!

But all of that is for another post.  See?  I'm already planning my next blog post!  It's proof of my good intentions!

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends!

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