Friday, April 30, 2010

"We interrupt this program to bring you a VERY, VERY important message!"

Today is Friday, April 30, 2009  2010.  (Yes, it's April, and I'm still not used to the new year.  But that's not what's important here.)

April is a BIG DEAL.  And seeing that it's the last day of the month, I wanted to get this message posted before moving on to ANYTHING else.

April is National Organ Donor Awareness Month - or National Donate Life Month, friends!

As many of you probably already know, organ and tissue donation is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.  And if you do a little research and think hard, you'll probably learn that it's near and dear to your heart, too.   Chances are, you know someone who is waiting for or who has received a life saving organ transplant.  Unfortunately, you may even know someone who wasn't able to wait long enough.

So here's the deal.  The BIG DEAL.

As of April 27th, there are close to 110,000 American candidates waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Are you an organ and tissue donor?   Are you sure about that?

You know, many states deal with this issue in different ways.  Some states allow you to indicate your wish to donate on your drivers license.  Some states have organ donor cards.  Some states even have an organ donor registry - YES!  (See below for a link to these registries).

Anyone can become a potential organ and tissue donor simply by making the commitment and sharing their decision with loved ones.  Informing next-of-kin is crucial to becoming a donor, even for people who have indicated their wish on their drivers license, carry signed donor cards, or register on the state registry.

Think about it, folks - this is a BIG DEAL.  Please don't assume that your family knows your wishes regarding organ donation, and please don't assume that you know their wishes, either.  Have a talk.  Make sure everyone is clear on the wishes of everyone else in your family.

Your decision to donate and share this with your family could make a life-saving difference for many people.  Plus, you have the potential to improve the quality of life for many, many others.  It's the ultimate gift - making a donation so that others may have the chance to live.  To LIVE, friends!

Have a Heart - Be an Organ and Tissue Donor! 

For more information on becoming an organ and tissue donor, please refer to the following resources:

Donate Life Amerca

United States Government Information on Organ Donation

For a list of state donor registries, please visit:

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